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Tema: Using flaticon only showing squares

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    Using flaticon only showing squares

    I'm a rookie developer. I used a template to create a very basic web page and am almost done. I am trying to change flaticons that were previously used in the template. I compiled my icons and downloaded the CSS compatible icon set.

    If I simply copy the contents of my newly downloaded file to the fonts page, I get no icons at all, when I put the icon name "Flaticon-customer service" into my code. The only thing I changed in the code is the name of the font from one to another, well, not the only thing, but the only other thing in that section aside from the display name. I hope that makes sense. Alternatively, if I move the file "flaticon.css" to my css folder, a square shows up wherever I put the correct name of an icon. Please help me to figure out how to get the icon I downloaded to shofedloan easybib
    w up. Thanks.
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