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Tema: Create pag system to enter the intranet

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    Create pag system to enter the intranet

    Hello everyone,,
    I have a few doubts, I hope you help me.
    I am trying to make a website where you have to pay to be able to see its full content, so that once you make a payment you can have your own intranet with all the files to see and download. I've been looking at Joomla, but from what I understand, the problem is that being so well known is quite easy to hack. Tb I imagine it can be done using Php but I found nothing about \
    On the other hand, I would also like to know how to create the payment method, both with Paypal and by credit card, which as far as I know you have to go to the bank and create a specific account.
    Second: Is there any way to convert the templates made in Joomla into a php or html file to upload to your own hosting or do you have to use Joomla?
    Thank you.
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