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Tema: Possible to get img elements to be the size of container and behave like backgro

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    Possible to get img elements to be the size of container and behave like backgro

    I’m using a grid for a complex layout and I would like the images in it to have no control over size. The grid is set using fr units so that it too will not have an actual height, but instead just fill the space of its container.

    I’ve set the images to 100% which fills the cells, but their actual pixel dimensions still have control over the the grid. I would expect the grid to collapse completely when there’s nothing in it that has an explicit height, but this is not what happens. The images intrinsic size still exerts some control.

    It does work when I set images using background but that’s semantically incorrect for my use case.whatsapp web routerlogin

    Is this possible?
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