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Tema: How to hide text in unorderded list that isn't in a list item

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    How to hide text in unorderded list that isn't in a list item

    I need to style an aggregator feed service we use that combines 3 social media sources.

    - can only use CSS overrides
    -There's no option to use scripting of any kind in this environment. flats in dahisar

    The feed has a horizontal menu created in html with an unordered list. My problem is that the sociopath that designed the feed placed the 'Choose an Option:' text INSIDE the <ul> , but make it a list item like everything else, and didn't give it a class, id, or anything that lets me manipulate it. I've recreated the html below (close enough) flat for sale in chembur

    Right now I'm actually able to hide 'Choose an Option:', which is good using the styling you see below, but the text still take up space and the list items don't line up right as the area gets smaller. The Guardians

    Any thoughts on on how I can Hide the 'Choose an Option:' with CSS using display:hidden or any other option that doesn't take up space? Without script. Thanks for any help you can offer.

    <!DOCTYPE html><html><head><style>
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