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Tema: styling/css/skin up and down arrows

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    styling/css/skin up and down arrows

    Setting arrow width won't help you with comments or compressed link displays, I'm not sure where the setting is, so you can either look for it, wait til someone smarter than me at this posts it, or just keep the width of your custom image normal. While height can be changed, it will affect all arrow elements so you'll need to fiddle with the images of all arrows to make sure they look good with the new height. i.e. you'll see a little bit of sprite overlap in the default neutral arrows if you change the .arrow height.
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    You could also upload a new sprite image that uses position like the reddit default instead of multiple new images per arrow.

    You need to use the name that is listed in the stylesheet and not a link to the image on reddit directly. It's listed as %%something%% in a section under the stylesheet editing pane.
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