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Tema: Water.css - A collection of styles for simple static sites

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    Water.css - A collection of styles for simple static sites

    I make quite a few static sites, whether just to give some simple documentation on a service or to demo some api without needing a complicated frontend with React and such.

    I always come across one problem: I hate the browser default stylesheet but the site isn't big enough for me to spend time on custom styles.

    Water.css is a solution to this! Anyone can now just include the stylesheet and it'll make everything look nicer. This is not in any way meant for production apps or big projects! Regarding your light version comment elsewhere in this thread... Rather than .light and .dark classes I would rather suggest putting them into two different .css files for importing. This reduces size of the css file being requested over the network, and it's likely that for a static website, there wouldn't be any theme switching involved so its either dark or light.uc browser shareit appvn
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