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Tema: Como comprar y pagar un dominio y alojamiento web?

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    Como comprar y pagar un dominio y alojamiento web?

    How to choose the best heavy-duty sewing machine for a beginner?

    Sewing is more than just a habit, but a form of art that we all love to master. It helps us not only to make some stuff like home decoration or clothes but also allows us to operate a small business at home.

    There is no limitation on what we can do with sewing. However, to freely achieve whatever you want in sewing, you will need a more powerful machine than the regular model.

    Don’t worry if you are just a beginner, the truly powerful machine isn’t the complicated one, but an easy-to-use model with a sturdy motor. It can deal with whatever is thrown at it with ease. And today, we will learn some tips to choose the best heavy duty sewing machine for working on thick fabrics.

    The best heavy-duty sewing machine

    Definition of a heavy-duty sewing machine

    First of all, what do you think about a heavy-duty sewing machine? Is it a machine for advanced sewist?

    No, it isn’t.

    It is a strong motor, much stronger than the regular model and be able to handle even the thickest fabrics. Besides, it comes with specialized features and reliable durability which allow it to deal with larger projects for a long time of running, at a faster speed without tension.

    The term “heavy-duty” refers to the scope of the fabrics, not the level of sewist. In fact, if a machine comes with an easy-to-understand manual and the ability to adjust the SPM, so sewists, at all levels, can learn to use that machine.

    Then, we will take a closer look at which features to look for in the best sewing machine for heavy fabrics.

    Checklist for its features

    The best way of choosing something is making a list of its features and check it out. We have here a must-check feature list for a heavy-duty sewing machine:


    Weighty, heavy and rigid - those are the first term we have to look for in a heavy-duty sewing machine. This kind of machine is designed to handle such heavy fabrics, so, it is needed to look for a strong motor with high-quality features that are sturdy enough to drive the needle through multilayer of fabrics, or layers of a thick one.

    Sometimes, big brands don’t equivalent with good performance. However, in case of heavy duty, we are highly recommended you to trust reliable brands. Their products have been tested and stayed in the market for a long time, their reputations are gained for a reason.

    Here are some sub-factors needed to check up:

    -The weights from 10 to 20 pounds are proper.

    -A metal body is a plus point. Metal makes strong build, indeed. It is created by stainless metals like steel or aluminum.

    -Be prepared to trade off with portability. A heavy machine won’t be easy to move, obviously. So, if your sewing project requires a move, prepare yourselves with an extra portable sewing machine alongside the heavy one.

    A sturdy motor under a strong heavy-duty machine


    A top heavy duty sewing machine won’t pack itself with portability, but it is packed with high SPM. Normally, the SPM of a heavy-duty machine is ranged from 800 to 1300 stitches per minute.

    Don’t be afraid of this fast, indeed, a good one often comes with the ability to adjust its speed regarding the user’s desires. That is also the reason why on the list of sewing machines for beginners, there is always at least one heavy-duty model.


    Another reason why we keep saying that a heavy-duty sewing machine could be the best sewing machine for beginners is because of its high versatility.

    The versatility shows itself through automatic features like a needle threader, tensions, stitch options, bobbin system and LED areas. The list is upgraded rapidly by the time and the later the model is, the more versability it is.

    Overall, this article has covered two main factors and three sub-factors that are matter in choosing the best heavy-duty machine for a beginner. Don’t forget to share with us the model you choose for yourselves.
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    Hola Kenward. Yo te recomiendo crear una cuenta de Paypal y así pagar desde allí. Te resultará más fiable al principio. Si eres nuevo en esto te recomiendo además comprar el dominio y el hosting en el mismo sitio. Hay cientos de lugares buenos, pero solo se recomendarte dos, que son los que uso actualmente después de una criba de más de 15 años, jajaja. Son y Pero repito que debe haber igual de buenos un montón. Yo con estos cero problemas en un montón de años.

    Suerte con la web y no dejes de contarnos avances y dudas!!

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