Lately, almost all 'PUBG MOBILE' users are getting annoyed with the problems of hackers and why won't be anybody, because even if you do play the game without using any script, you still gonna enjoy the game to its best, even though many people still like to play this game using hacks like 'Aimbot, Wall-Hack, Antenna Run, short shrink, colour menu, zoom menu.'

On this basis, every time they get successful in managed to get a 'Chicken Dinner' in a match. Which is appropriately not the right thing to do in a game. And as if you are not satisfied with this dilemma then from now onwards you will not need to worry about this issue.

Thankfully after all the tolerance, PUBG Mobile has given the belief that now the game will be found completely without hackers and for this amend they had come up with the anti-theft system to trash-out all the hackers from the game.

You will be surprised to know that this ANTI-theft- system has been present in the game since from last 9 months but due to some technical issue, the back-end team was disabled to track the hackers, unfortunately, from last 3 to 4 month the system was not able to detect hacker properly. Due to these reasons, hackers of game were enormously using scripts and simultaneously not getting banned.

But now as we all know that we are going to see this wonderful change by the back-end team, so let us know a little closely about this upgrade. Click here to read more about the article