The necessary equipment with which we can go in case of wanting to mount a service and network of servers can be obtained through good contacts. There is an organization quite based on the issue of distribution, design and hardaware for servers that is very reliable, with one of its stores in Africa, and many of its customers there and in the United States we have cps africa where the creation of cabins for servants it is their primary work, cabins with charging station for multiple devices, cabins for higher effort servers, which exceed 1.2 tonnes and also IP55 server cabins for large-scale fiber projects, along with other work such as laptop charging trolley and more that you can find on the portal to be attentive to everything new they can offer and more services, specifically located Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Uganda, Congo, Kenya; offering its services over there and internationally. Server cabins for sale, of all kinds, and more!