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п»їKirsten Dunst: The actress with the most romantic Hollywood look |
Actress Kristen Dunst and her best romantic style looks. It's been almost 20 years since American actress Kirsten Dunst appeared on the big screen, since her performance in the film 'Interview with the Vampire', and today, we can ensure that angelic face with which Brad Pitt himself conquered It has not changed one iota, and thanks to that it achieves that all its styles have a touch of the most romantic although the opposite is proposed, some looks of the best firms with which it always enters within the lists of the best dressed in the world
American actress, singer and model Kirsten Dunst has proven to have talent and beauty to reach the top since she was 12 years old, and since then she has conquered the world with mostly romantic roles such as those performed in 'Elisabetown' , 'Marie Antoinette' or 'Wimbledon', in addition to her best known role as Mary Jane Watson in the 'Spiderman' saga.
His torn blue eyes, blond hair and white complexion, make his image one of the most adorable in Hollywood, so his styles on the red carpet are the most romantic, as well as elegant, by the hand of large firms like Christian Dior or Louis Vuitton.
As for his short designs, we can highlight the Dior black tulle skirt model, which wore at the 2012 Critics Choice Movie Awards, or the LBD combined with white Dolce & Gabbana blazer and two-tone sandals at the Independent Spirit Awards of that same year, in addition to the set of shorts and jacket in yellow print by Stella McCartney, which combined with shoes with ChloГ© bracelet.
The blue night has shown that it is also one of his must, as with the Burberry trench with black pumps, or the short Christian Dior model that wore in New York with Kristen Stewart with a look with transparencies of Erdem.
The Cannes Film Festival and the Galas del Met have also been the scene of several of their best looks, such as the embroidered white model of Dolce & Gabbana with which he also wore one of the most spectacular collections of the edition, the intense red suit with Rodarte leather belt from 2012, or this year's emerald green feather model by Louis Vuitton.
Nor can we mention the blue dress Klein de Rodarte at the premiere of ‘Bachelorette', the pastel pink model with rhinestones by Christian Dior or the black asymmetrical neckline Bvlgari, unforgettable.
A very personal style that we hope will continue to shine for many more years with new projects on red carpets around the world.

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