I just switched to a new internet plan which is now getting me 400mbps download speed. I'm connected to my router using a brand new CAT6 cable (overkill but that's all they had in the store) and through the Ethernet port of my motherboard (ASUS Strix Gaming X370-F). Speedtest returns the correct 400mbps speed that I'm supposed to have, but when I download something, either a game through Steam or a file, my download speed caps out at 17MB/s when it should be max 50MB/s (400 divided by . I tried to look around if the NIC was the issue, but couldn't find anything. I updated the NIC driver to its latest version from ASUS's website, but only gain 1MB/s. Downloads are stored on a Samsung SSD on SATAIII, so it shouldn't be the bottleneck at all. My router is a Netgear R7000P.