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Tema: My PC started showing strange actions.

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    My PC started showing strange actions.

    I wanted to record something with nvidia. I hit a few different key combinations on my keyboard and found the one that saves my games footage. A few seconds after that it started clicking random keys/bugging out. The game then opened the chat and wrote “amr admin” then out of panic I left the game. I can’t recall if I opened chrome, but as I opened it it started typing actual sentences into the search bar. I was trying to figure out what was typing so I clicked keys at the same time yet you can clearly see its sentences being written... it wrote “use thea hze li again?” And “deah but now i might not be able ti do much :_”. I immediately ran a anti malware software (malwarebytes) and it came up with nothing. When trying to leave battlefield it reconnected me to the server and it would keep tabbing back into the game. My mouse then continually flickered until i rebooted my
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