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Tema: Problem connecting to new domain.....!!!

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    Problem connecting to new domain.....!!!

    Hello everyone,,
    the question is that I've been a couple of weeks looking at the subject of the webs and the truth is that first I'm new to this and I'm learning a lot with your page, thanks for this currada, the next thing is that I created a free hosting with a test domain, and nothing all perfect, with the dats k sent me I connect well to the server through the ftp application of firefox, but then I decided to take my own domain to shorten it a little, total for 8 eurillos I would not die if I wanted to try to do something curious in the future, because the question is that I created it, I made the payment and that and I have sent the data, in principle I get 2, one final and one provisional, but the issue is that none of the data works when connecting, and put them do not put them wrong because both the new domain and the free have already put a personal password to avoid getting involved and that, I do not know what can happen ... that's if the hosting is the free that you provide,I do not know if I already have 1 in this second does not leave me, my intention was to close the free once I had the payment, I do not know if I have to cancel it first or I just have to wait for real access from the company.

    Also say that I am doing it through SERED, which I think is pretty good, greetings.
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