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Tema: Have you ever had a dream which makes you sad after you wake up?

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    Have you ever had a dream which makes you sad after you wake up?

    Fellas, have you ever had such a good dream where everything was coming up milhouse, only for you to wake up, and gain a feeling of instant depression because you came back to your ordinary life where all the thing's you've dreampt about were gone? It's a first time feeling for me, and I just gotta know that somebody else has had this.

    For example, in my dream, I met this awesome chick and we were having this lovely conversation. Before I could ask her to a date, well...

    I may actually have depression now.

    Edit: WOW this blew up! From a small little distraction at school in the morning to over 2.3k upvotes! Thanks so much to everyone who submited their stories, I've read them all.
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    Had a dream where I ran into someone who had stopped talking to me that I missed very much. We caught up and it felt so good, I woke up feeling so much joy because it had been so vivid. After a few seconds I realized I was still in my room and I had just woken up, and wave of intense sadness washed over me.

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